About Us


New identities for trail trash.♻️🎭

We are a mom and son team who started out picking up litter on hikes, and making beautiful things from our finds. We practice Leave No Trace, and encourage others to as well. Over time, we have expanded to repurposing many types of items, not just trail trash.


We specialize in handmade jewelry, art, and home decor pieces made from unconventional items. Each piece is given individual attention, and handcrafted with care using items available to us either through recyling or using items removed from wilderness areas. This means each item has history, and is genuinely unique.  

We work with scout troops, youth groups, and clubs to clean up trails and make custom pieces  at a tailored rate. If you're interested in this service, let's talk! 


GPS Coordinates📍🧭

Many of our pieces are made with trail trash, and those items include coordinates to the location the components were originally removed from. We feel like this makes the issue of litter more real, more tangible, particularly when a piece is from an area familiar or special to our customers. You can plug those numbers into a search engine, map app, or web-based map, and see what area the trash in           your own piece was removed from.


We pay it forward 💚🏕

We don't just work diligently to clean up the natural areas we spend time in; 5% of our profits are donated to the National Park Foundation, a cause absolutely worth supporting. Your purchase truly makes a difference!

If you want to donate to the National Park Foundation directly, you can do that here.

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We love meeting our supporters and making connections, so feel free to visit us at one of our pop-ups. Check out our calendar!

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